#OBEW Week 13 – Steven Covey – the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Did you ever consider how ridiculous it would be to try to cram on a farm— to forget to plant in the spring, play all summer and then cram in the fall to bring in the harvest? The farm is a natural system. The price must be paid and the process followed. You always reap what you sow; there is no shortcut.

– Stephen Covey

After reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People it seems as though there’s very few people out there Stephen Covey hasn’t managed to help. The book opens with glowing testimonials from Microsoft COOs, Olympic gold medalists, startup founders and everything in between.

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#OBEW Week 12 – Luke Sullivan – Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This

Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This book cover

You need to find the central truth about your brand or about the whole product category. The central human truth. Hair coloring isn’t about looking younger. It’s about self-esteem. Cameras aren’t about pictures. They’re about stopping time and holding on to life as the sands run – Luke Sullivan I’m a firm believer in there […]

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How to Create an About Page That Connects and Converts

Dude writing some stuff, possibly his about page!

It’s the page you’re overlooking. The one which, despite your turning a blind eye to it, actually ranks among the most viewed pages on your website. The page in question? Your about page. Yup. That’s right. That little page you rushed through when setting up your site, the one which you’ve yet to re visit […]

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#OBEW Week 11 – Steve Slaunwhite – Start and Run a Copywriting Business

Steve slaunwhite start and run a copywriting business cover

It makes no sense to do something you hate, even if it works. Because if you hate it, you won’t do it consistently. – Steve Slaunwhite – Start and Run a Copywriting Business If you’ve been keeping up with the OBEW posts you should be familiar with Steve Slaunwhite. He’s a highly respected copywriter who […]

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5 Problems with Freelance Writing

Financial stress of freelance writing

Being a freelancer’s pretty awesome right? You get to choose who you work with, what kind of projects you take on and are able to work to the beat of your own drum. Pretty ideal. Yet despite what a lot of freelance writers may tell you, it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s a […]

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The Side of Prospecting No One Talks About

Value in client prospecting

How would you describe your prospecting cycle? A lot of freelancers tend to think that prospecting is a simple three-step process to be completed when work is slow: Find client Pitch client Wait for work Technically this view isn’t wrong, but it’s far from productive or secure. As a freelancer you don’t have the luxury […]

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#OBEW Week 10 – I.J. Schecter – 102 Ways to Earn Money Writing 1,500 Words or Less

Cover of I.J. Schecter's 102 Ways to Earn Money Writing 1,500 Words or Less

There’s a lot to like about this book but the thing that really stood out for me is its simplicity. This book knows exactly what it is. It doesn’t try to be anything else and it doesn’t overreach. It offers an incredible look at the various ways to earn money writing which puts my paltry […]

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#OBEW Week Nine – Tom Rath – Strengths Finder 2.0

Strengths Finder 2.0

Strengths Finder 2.0 struck me more as common sense 1.0. The book is split into three sections. The first third is somewhat negative and outlines how we should only focus on activities we’re good at. We’re told that the popular maxim ‘you can be anything if you try hard enough’ is misguided and that instead […]

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