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Look, I'm not here to fluff your ego. I'm not going to tell you you're fine as you are. That all you need is to keep on keeping on to make it as a big time writer.

I followed that sort of advice for two years and you know what it got me? A luxurious six month stay on my friend's two seater sofa.

I thought I was a writer. I thought that my ability to put a few words on a page was enough to earn a living, but I was wrong.

I am not a writer. I'm not even a freelancer. And neither are you.

We are business owners.

And the sooner you start treating your freelance endeavours as a business, the sooner you'll see real results.

How do I know? Well...

freelance writing, six figure writer

I know because I built a freelance business from nothing.

I took an average freelance business and turned it into a six figure machine in just over six months.

As soon as I hit the six figure level, I took this show on the road.

I had it all planned out. 3 Months in California, 1 month in Mexico, back to New York for a conference before hitting Colombia to start working my way down to Argentina.
I was living the dream, travelling the world whilst earning great money. But whilst in New York, disaster struck.

I woke up one day blind in one eye (if you have a strong stomach, you can see the pics of it here).

I'd scratched my eye whilst surfing in Mexico which turned into a nasty corneal ulcer.

I spent three weeks in hospital and another month unable to work.

My business collapsed. I lost all but one client and was even sued for breach of contract.
Freelance writing advice
freelance writer, five figure business, freelance business

Everything I'd worked to build was taken from me

Instead of rolling over I decided to do it all again.

It took me three months to build a mid five figure freelance writing business. Three months to go from one client to a full roster of work.

I've grown a successful freelance business twice, and I want to help you do the same.

I'm sharing everything I have and will do in building my business.

If your freelance business isn't where you want it to be, then let me help.

Stop being a writer, designer, consultant, or whatever other title you give yourself. Start acting like a business.

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