The Email Template that Landed a $0.30 a Word Client!

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You’ll be rolling in this when all your clients pay this well!

Those of you already subscribed to the HaW email list will know that I’ve been working on getting permission to use a cold email template which landed a writer a rather lucrative repeat business client. Apologies for the delay but I’ve been pretty busy recently meaning it’s taken me a while to get everything sorted, still, better late than never right?

I was on one of my regular crawls through Reddit and happened across a post titled ‘This cold email landed me a $.30/word regular freelance writing gig’, can’t really turn away from a post like that now can you! After a little digging I discovered the template was adapted by a writer called Morgan Williams who runs the website

Morgan says that he actually adapted the template from one created by Tom Ewer of, Morgan was quite adamant about me mentioning this in the article, I assume to give credit to Tom as it is technically his template. It’s good to see that there are writers out there who know the importance of giving proper credit where it is due! [Continue reading]

Why Book Learning Won’t Help Your Writing

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Put it down and start working!

We place so much importance on education, on the learning of theory and practices with an ever diminishing focus on actual application. There was a time in the UK where a young man or woman was spoiled for choice when it came to vocational apprenticeships, a great way of gaining valuable on the job experience and training.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. With the fall in available apprenticeships, governments (at least the UK government) have embarked on an incessant drive to get as many people through university as possible. To allow everyone, regardless of social class or financial standing the higher education “necessary” for the best possible start in life.

On the face of things, this seems like a great idea. Education for all is nothing to be scoffed at or demeaned. However, in opening universities to the masses there’s been a noticeable degradation in the status of a degree and a severe diminishment in vocational training for non academic careers. In fact, in my home town, a city once supported through numerous car manufacturing factories, it’s now impossible to find any mechanical apprenticeships.  [Continue reading]

Why Comparing Yourself to Others Leads Nowhere

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There’s a natural desire within us all to want to be the best. A competitiveness that causes us to draw comparisons between ourselves and our own achievements with those of the people close to us. Whether you’re an overly competitive person or not, … [Continue reading]

8 Steps to Find More Content Ideas than You’ll Ever Need!

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Whether you’ve been writing for a week, a year or a decade you’ll still have those days when you sit down at your computer ready to pen your next greatest article only to think to yourself: ‘Shit, I’ve got nothing.’ It’s not uncommon and you're … [Continue reading]

The Power of Precision Writing. Why Brevity is Important.

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I am a waffler. I have this incredible ability to stretch a 10 word sentence into a 100 word essay, a gift i’m sure many who have read through my work have noticed. I blame university for nourishing my love of irrelevant filler, it was pretty much … [Continue reading]

The Language of the Blogger, Weak Words to Avoid

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When I look back to my childhood I find that my memory is woefully lacking and incredibly patchy. It's comprised of unrelated snapshots; windows into short periods of time or single instances to which I often cannot even attribute an approximation of … [Continue reading]

A Moral Quandary with Creating Backlinks

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If you run your own website you’re probably often left wondering how you can increase SEO and ensure that your content is easily discovered on the web. It’s a legitimate worry, and one that is shared by any webmaster worth their salt. Poor SEO can … [Continue reading]

Finding More Potential Client Opportunities That Could be Passing You By

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A short while ago I wrote a piece encouraging all writers to get away from their computer, drag themselves to a business event and actually shake hands with potential clients. It’s the way of the world that people tend to succeed not necessarily on … [Continue reading]