The Foolproof Method for Article Topics Your Audience Will Love!

Bad article idea on screwed up paper

It’s a terrible feeling.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into an article. Hours have been spent polishing the language and double checking your references.

You click publish and wait for the dozens of comments, hundreds of shares and recognition you deserve.

But, it never comes.

The article you’ve spent so long perfecting joins the thousands of others that fail to make their mark. No shares, no comments and a view count that barely registers.

Your article is a failure.

So what went wrong? It’s a compelling, well written article that quickly gets to the heart of the matter. Why aren’t your audience going crazy like they do for the big time bloggers?

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How Simple Organisation Can Boost Your Productivity

Boost productivity

For a long time I’d get to the end of the day and realise that I hadn’t done enough. I’d look at what I’d achieved and realise I should have finished another article or sent off an extra pitch or three. I should have added the finishing touches to the FBBK and sent it out […]

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Is Freelance Writing all About the Money?

Freelance writing money / earnings

Did you read the title to this piece and scoff. It’s all about the money, right? This is your job, if you’re not getting paid to write then you’re not a professional, you’re just an enthusiastic hobbyist. Someone who runs a blog and helps others out of the kindness of their heart. Now, I’m not […]

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The Only Cure for Writer’s Block

Picture expressing writer's block

You’ve zeroed in on your topic idea, got your cup of tea (or coffee) ready and are sat at your desk waiting to pour your incredible article onto the page when… nothing. No words. No sentences. Your brain’s turned to mush and that great article idea has vanished. Your trail of thought breaks leaving you […]

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The Real Deal with Freelance Bidding Sites

freelance bidding sites hammer.

Bidding sites. Most writers hate them, and with good reason. They’re: Full of clients who want a lot for very little Incredibly competitive and cutthroat A race to the bottom where work is often awarded to the lowest bidder I’ve had a shit time with them and you probably have as well. Nine out of […]

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Low Paying Clients are a Writer’s Journeyman

A pair of boxing gloves

I know what you’re thinking, even considering low paying clients flies in the face of everything I’ve ever said and goes against every expert’s advice. Nobody wants to work for peanuts. Unfortunately there’s going to be a point in your career where you’re working for one of those clients that doesn’t pay well. You can […]

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How a Shift in Focus Increased My Prospect Response Rate


How awesome would it be to increase the response rate of your pitches? Less time spent pitching with more time spent writing and earning $$$ sounds like a winner to me, but is it easy to achieve. Well, yes and no really. It’s all about embracing a new approach to how you’re pitching your prospects. […]

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Will Clients Pay You to Write?

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.59.03

Can I really do this job? Will this client pay me to write for them? Do I have enough experience for this position? These are the questions I struggled with when first starting out as a freelancer. I’d find the perfect listing or company and excitedly plan my pitch. I’d have everything ready to go […]

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