Seven Awesome Blogs for Freelance Writers and Bloggers

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Being able to make a sentence sound pretty isn’t all that’s required of a freelance writer.

To quote an incredibly tired (yet true) cliché, knowledge is power.

Creating truly killer content requires a deep and unique insight into your chosen niche, or failing that, some incredible research skills and a knack for spinning a decent story angle.

But there’s more to successful freelance writing than knowing a niche inside out or being able to craft a great story. You also need to know how to successfully run a small business.

Perfecting your craft whilst learning how to market your skills, price your services, network effectively and chase those debtors isn’t easy. I actually think that trying to learn everything you need with zero guidance is insane!

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The One Book Every Week Challenge, Week One! #OBEW

Start of the one book every week challenge #obew

I’m giving myself a huge pat on the back today for going ahead and announcing the details of the one book every week (OBEW) challenge here on have a word. Why? Because if I hadn’t announced the challenge there’s a good chance I’d have made a few changes to make it a lot easier! I’m […]

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The Challenge that WILL Make You a Better Writer #OBEW

OBEW, pointing man challenge

What is it that makes successful writers so damn good? Their writing is insightful and full of practical tips. They draw from multiple sources discovering groundbreaking solutions to long-standing problems and connect the dots in unseen ways creating new and exciting ideas. They have a seemingly endless knowledge resulting in thousands of fans, high engagement […]

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Create Your Own Freelance Rate Sheet in Ten Minutes!

Freelance rate sheet

“So what’s your rate?” Four words that ruin the negotiations of the unprepared. You’ve spent weeks chasing your dream client and it all hinges on this one, final reply. Erm… $50? Maybe $75… No, $100. “One hundred dollars per article.” Did the client notice your hesitation? Is $100 going to cover the work?  Can you […]

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The Foolproof Method for Article Topics Your Audience Will Love!

Bad article idea on screwed up paper

It’s a terrible feeling. You’ve poured your heart and soul into an article. Hours have been spent polishing the language and double checking your references. You click publish and wait for the dozens of comments, hundreds of shares and recognition you deserve. But, it never comes. The article you’ve spent so long perfecting joins the […]

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How Simple Organisation Can Boost Your Productivity

Boost productivity

For a long time I’d get to the end of the day and realise that I hadn’t done enough. I’d look at what I’d achieved and realise I should have finished another article or sent off an extra pitch or three. I should have added the finishing touches to the FBBK and sent it out […]

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Is Freelance Writing all About the Money?

Freelance writing money / earnings

Did you read the title to this piece and scoff. It’s all about the money, right? This is your job, if you’re not getting paid to write then you’re not a professional, you’re just an enthusiastic hobbyist. Someone who runs a blog and helps others out of the kindness of their heart. Now, I’m not […]

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The Only Cure for Writer’s Block

Picture expressing writer's block

You’ve zeroed in on your topic idea, got your cup of tea (or coffee) ready and are sat at your desk waiting to pour your incredible article onto the page when… nothing. No words. No sentences. Your brain’s turned to mush and that great article idea has vanished. Your trail of thought breaks leaving you […]

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