Finding the Right Email Address for Your Query/Pitch/LOI

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I’ve always hated job hunting. It takes far too much time, is extremely monotonous and repetitive. Then there’s the frustration of never hearing back after spending countless hours trawling job sites and customising your applications.

When I left my office job I thought things could only get better, and for the most part they have. However, a lot of my time is now spent doing what I hated most, searching for work. I’ve learnt the hard way that you can’t depend on one or two clients, you need to consistently be prospecting, pitching and querying to have a number of ‘backup prospects’ in case that lucrative project you’re working on comes to an abrupt end.

As it’s hardly my favourite practice, I want to make sure that the emails and letters I’m sending out are going to be received by the right person. The more effective we can make our prospecting process the less time we’ll have to spend on it.

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Are Writing Job Boards All They Could Be?

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For the budding wordsmith not yet initiated into the world of freelance writing it can seem as though the various job boards offer an abundant and varied supply of great client opportunities. This was a view I myself held for quite a while, one I’m sad to say has slowly deteriorated as I’ve become more […]

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My Top Writing Pet Peeves

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently on how to improve myself as a writer.  Whilst a lot of this research is focused on specific types of writing, particularly copywriting, I’ve found the most useful materials to be those which offer general writing advice. I’ve particularly enjoyed and benefited from Stephen King’s On Writing […]

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Should You be Ghostwriting? The Pros and Cons of Being a Ghostwriter.

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There’s an incredibly narcissistic part of me which wants to see my name next to as many articles and posts as possible. For my name to be internationally recognised in the world of online writers and bloggers, but not for the reasons you might think. I don’t want to show off down the pub to […]

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The Single Most Important Tool In a Freelancer’s Toolbox is…

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A huge set of cojones. Deciding to leave a steady income for the unpredictability of freelance work is a huge decision, one which takes a considerable amount of courage. I know the feeling of leaving a steady income behind, it’s as liberating as it is terrifying. As I walked out of my former employer’s office […]

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Why I Stopped Automating My Social Media Processes

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Since the very beginning of my freelance writing career I decided that Twitter would be the social media platform I’d focus my attention on. I think it was the 140 characters limit that grabbed my attention appealing to my more pragmatic nature. I could spend a fraction of the time creating a Google+ or Facebook […]

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How and Why to Say No to Freelance Work

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No. One word, two letters. It’s one of the shortest words in the English language and probably one of the first we all learned as children. So why can it be so difficult to utter this single synonym when it comes to dealing with client requests? Why can’t we just say no to freelance work? […]

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Is There Any Honour Among Freelancers?

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They say there’s honour among thieves, something I’ve discovered doesn’t hold true in the world of freelancing. Today’s post is a bit different to the usual articles, I guess you could consider this more of a personal rant. A rant I hope will serve as a cautionary tale on how sometimes that initial gut instinct […]

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