How a Shift in Focus Increased My Prospect Response Rate

Graph symbolising a rising prospect response rate

How awesome would it be to increase the response rate of your pitches?

Less time spent pitching with more time spent writing and earning $$$ sounds like a winner to me, but is it easy to achieve. Well, yes and no really. It’s all about embracing a new approach to how you’re pitching your prospects.

A simple shift in my mind-set helped increase my prospect response rate by a huge margin. Looking at the log I keep of all pitches I’ve seen an approximate 40% response rate in the last two weeks! That’s a pretty decent rate (and may even increase if those I recently pitched get back to me!).

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Will Clients Pay You to Write?

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Can I really do this job? Will this client pay me to write for them? Do I have enough experience for this position? These are the questions I struggled with when first starting out as a freelancer. I’d find the perfect listing or company and excitedly plan my pitch. I’d have everything ready to go […]

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Avoid Clients Who Won’t Pay with These Simple Steps

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How many times has a lack of planning or poor communication with a client come back to bite you? Or have you ever had a chatty client go quiet as soon as it’s time for payment? Regular readers will know I’ve had my fair share of clients from hell. I don’t have to delve too […]

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How to Get Your Guest Post Published with Darnell Jackson, C. Hope Clark and Lauren Tharp!

guest post, how to, published, darnell jackson, lauren tharp, c. hope clark

Created a great guest post idea? Done. Found the site you want to submit it to? Yup. Sent your pitch to the site’s site’s content editor? Did it this morning. Pitch accepted? … No. If this sounds familiar or if you’re about to send off your first guest post pitch, stop what you’re doing a […]

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Going Back to Square One


Have you ever felt as though you’ve lost your direction? Over the past few weeks I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the progression of Have a Word and I’ve got to say that I’m not happy. I feel as though the site is floundering, and I think I know why. I started this […]

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Solving the Problem of an Unresponsive Client

quiet clients, unresponsive, freelance

A few weeks ago I was sat watching TV wondering why one of my clients had ‘gone dark’. I’d asked for an update on a new customer of her’s which required a reply taking no longer than 30 seconds. Communication with this client had always been somewhat sporadic, each request often took one or two […]

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Relying On One or Two Clients? Then You’re a Fool

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The life of a freelancer is anything but secure. Projects end, are brought to an early stop or clients decide to create all of their content in-house. When you get the email that a project is no longer continuing it sucks. It will happen to all of us at some point and the best you […]

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10 Tips to Better Proofread Your Own Work

better, proofread, your own work, proofreading, editing

Perfect articles are a rare thing. Think of all the articles and posts you read on a day-to-day basis and try to remember the last one you didn’t skim read, the one which held your attention for its full duration and really made you stop to think. The type of article that’s going to keep […]

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