Why Comparing Yourself to Others Leads Nowhere

comparing yourself to others

Apples & Oranges – They Don’t Compare

There’s a natural desire within us all to want to be the best. A competitiveness that causes us to draw comparisons between ourselves and our own achievements with those of the people close to us. Whether you’re an overly competitive person or not, I’m sure that you have at least once been guilty of comparing yourself to a friend and found yourself woefully lacking.

If the comparisons we made were simple observations with no emotional repercussions there’d be no problem in doing so. Unfortunately, these comparisons are often unfair and succeed only in creating feelings of envy and resentment, hardly conducive to fostering happiness.

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8 Steps to Find More Content Ideas than You’ll Ever Need!

content ideas, content creationWhether you’ve been writing for a week, a year or a decade you’ll still have those days when you sit down at your computer ready to pen your next greatest article only to think to yourself:

‘Shit, I’ve got nothing.’

It’s not uncommon and you’re definitely not alone. Writer’s block is one of the foremost enemies of productivity for a writer. The longer it persists, the more frustrated you become and the less gets done.

Before we get into it I should say that if you’re happy to write the first thing that comes to your mind or any old tosh then this article isn’t for you. So good luck, and goodbye.  [Continue reading]

The Power of Precision Writing. Why Brevity is Important.

brevity is important, writing brevity, succinct writing

I am a waffler. I have this incredible ability to stretch a 10 word sentence into a 100 word essay, a gift i’m sure many who have read through my work have noticed. I blame university for nourishing my love of irrelevant filler, it was pretty much … [Continue reading]

The Language of the Blogger, Weak Words to Avoid

weak words, writing, blogging,

When I look back to my childhood I find that my memory is woefully lacking and incredibly patchy. It's comprised of unrelated snapshots; windows into short periods of time or single instances to which I often cannot even attribute an approximation of … [Continue reading]

A Moral Quandary with Creating Backlinks

backlinks, SEO, morals, writing

If you run your own website you’re probably often left wondering how you can increase SEO and ensure that your content is easily discovered on the web. It’s a legitimate worry, and one that is shared by any webmaster worth their salt. Poor SEO can … [Continue reading]

Finding More Potential Client Opportunities That Could be Passing You By

Client opportunities, finding writing clients,

A short while ago I wrote a piece encouraging all writers to get away from their computer, drag themselves to a business event and actually shake hands with potential clients. It’s the way of the world that people tend to succeed not necessarily on … [Continue reading]

Useful Tips From Arianna Huffington!

huffington, advice, writer, blogger

I'm going to be completely honest here and admit that I have a problem. I guess it’s more of an addiction, one from which, in this modern digital era, escape is incredible difficult and there are no help groups. My addiction? Procrastinating on … [Continue reading]

How to Stay Focused on Your Writing. 

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I've been spending a lot of time recently pondering the issues I find difficult in relation to writing and how to resolve them. The sooner I can achieve this, the sooner I can leave my part time job and dedicate a few more days to tapping out some … [Continue reading]