Save yourself...

From the hassle, cost, and stress of running a failing freelance business. 

Make or Break will help you achieve one of two things. 

  • Earn your first (or next) $1000 as a freelance writer
  • Show you that maybe owning your own freelance business isn't for you, saving you thousands of dollars in wasted costs and countless hours of wasted time

If you've been thinking of starting your own freelance business, but aren't sure if you've got what it takes, watch the below...

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You need to know this...

To save yourself from the hassle, cost, and stress of running a failing freelance business. 

If you’re thinking of starting a freelance business, you need to know there’s a 50% chance you’ll fail within 5 years. That is, if you’re not in the 20% who fail in year one or 30% who don’t make it to their third year. And those rates are only going to increase for freelancers. 

Why do so many fail?  

Because each and every year there are more people taking the gigantic step of setting up their own freelance business. 

And more freelancers isn’t a good thing for you.  

Most of these wannabes simply aren’t prepared to run their own business.  

Having them as your competition;

  • Drives the average price clients are willing to pay down
  • Makes it harder for you to stand out
  • And basically increases the chance you’ll fail  

But it gets worse.  

You see, failure is one thing. If you could try freelancing and understand - within a month - that this isn’t for you, it wouldn’t be so bad.  

The time and financial losses would be minimal.  

The problem is people persist with their freelancing over months or years because they’re consistently being sold a dream. The dream that this is easy and anyone can run a business. 

That all you need is persistence to one day achieve your dream. 

And so they persist for months or years. Months or years where they end up;  

  • Paying thousands of dollars for website hosting, software services, apps, and contractors
  • Never establishing adequate systems to earn enough money to enjoy the freedom they’ve creating for themselves
  • Having no work/life balance because they’re constantly trying to earn an extra few bucks to make bills

And it destroys lives. 

I mean, when you’re constantly struggling to make ends meet you’ll find that you’re not able to sleep well.

You’re constantly embarrassed to talk about your career in front of your more successful friends, and you’re in a constant state of panic. 

Don’t believe me?

Simply spend a few minutes on freelance forums and you’ll see.  

People asking if below minimum wage is a “fair rate” for their work.  

People complaining that a client is cheating them or refusing to pay up  

Frequent questions about dealing with burnout.  

Bitterness aimed at freelancers who have made it, trying to tear them down.  

You don’t want to become one of these burnt out, bitter people, do you? 

Of course not.  

So yeah. The freelance industry might be growing. But the majority of freelancers would be better served in an office job that comes with stable pay and less stress.

The question is, why are so many people making the jump when they’re not prepared? Because unscrupulous influencers are selling them a lie.  

You know the kind of “gurus” i’m talking about...

  • Those “working” from a tropical location in between sipping exotic cocktails. 
  • Those living in huge mansions and driving around in supercars (that definitely aren’t rented…)
  • The folk taking private jets everywhere. 

These mother fuckers are telling people like you that all they need is a dream and a little bit of hard work to live a life just like them. They’re misrepresenting what’s needed. And it’s causing misery for thousands. What annoys me is how most of these folk don’t earn money from freelancing or running their own service business. They make their money selling courses that promise a dream to people like you and me. And a lot of people who don’t have the interest or drive to run a business are suckered into that dream. The result, people with big dreams who end up making no money. But luckily for you there’s a quick, super inexpensive way to test if you have what it takes to run a freelance business.

Introducing Make or Break

Make or Break is a 6-week course that will tell you if you have what it takes to build a profitable freelance business.  

Don’t worry. I’m not selling this for the low-low price of $2497.

Or even offering some bullshit reduction to $1997 for the next 48 hours only.  


This course is only $10. 

And the only reason I’m charging that is because it separates those who are serious for the perpetual dreamers.

If you’re not willing to spend $10 to find out if you can do this, I can tell you now that you shouldn’t set up a business. 

So what will that $10 get you?  

Well, first that will be the only cost of this course. 

There are no hidden up-sells, no product recommendations of which I get a referral fee, nothing. 

The only other thing you’ll need to spend, is your time. 

Within the course we’ll work on getting you your first paying clients. With a view to generating $1000 per month before you have to invest in any business costs. 

That’s $1000 / month in income without having the hassle or cost of;

  • Hosting a website
  • Purchasing a website design
  • Software like email services

All of which can run into the thousands of dollars.  

This is not a course on “how to build a business”. This is a $10 investment to see if you have what it takes to get paid for your writing. 

Consider it a $10 insurance fee. You’re paying a little now to potentially save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress in the future. 

Or consider it an investment. Because if you’re one of the people who can make a freelance business work, it’s a $10 fee now to establish a separate monthly income stream.  

The course will run you through the basic actions you need to know to get paid for your writing. Including;

  • How to improve your craft
  • How to position your service
  • What to charge
  • How to find clients
  • And how to turn a one-time project into a source of repeat income

But let me reign this back in for a minute. 

My name’s Pete. And I’d like to tell you a little about me and how I know all this.  

You see, I’ve been successfully freelancing for 9 years. 

In that time I’ve grown my own business to the 6-figure level... twice

Why twice? Because I had a medical emergency that took me out of work for months and my business collapsed.

I’ve helped some of my clients secure venture capital funding which, all told, totals over $25,000,000. 

I’ve worked with and written for some of the biggest software brands and conversion rate optimisation agencies today.  

And in addition, I’ve tried the dream those gurus are selling.  

You know, the whole living on beaches, travelling the world whilst earning from your writing thing (and I’ll tell you, it’s nowhere near as easy as they make it sound)  

I’ve also negotiated equity - which means I own a small slice of the client’s company. And then helped them grow from a few thousand bucks a month in revenue to hundreds of thousands per month within a few years.  

But it’s freelancers and wannabe freelancers like you I enjoy helping the most.  

Over my 9 years I’ve helped numerous freelancers grow stable, profitable businesses.  

Freelance writing course

I helped Sam shave a huge amount of time off the growth tage of his business, helping him move from an office job to running his own freelance business.  

Sam Sinha 

And Dan massively increased his rates leading to 5-figure projects and the growth of a name for himself in his industry. 

Dan McDermott 

There are plenty of other writers out there I’ve helped improve and grow their businesses as well. 

But it all starts with getting your first client. And that’s what this course is about. 

You see, the secret to running a profitable writing business is not being the best writer in the world. The secret is having better business knowledge than 90% of the other freelancers out there.

Which isn’t hard. 

And Make or Break, well, this is your introduction into the world of freelance business operation. 

It’s what you need to figure out if you’ve got what it takes to run a freelance operation. And that’s something you need to know before wasting a tonne of your own money, right? 

Here’s exactly what you get with Make or Break; 

  • 10 videos explaining key concepts from the right mindsets for growth to finding the right person’s email address
  • 9 text based explanations offering more detail on the video lesson
  • 5 templates so you don’t have to worry about what to say and when

And I’d recommend you act now. 

Not because doing so is going to get you some bonus materials I’m telling you are exclusive when they really aren’t. 

Not because there’s a countdown on this once in a lifetime offer.  

No, you should act now because this is your future we’re talking about. 

As the Chinese proverb goes, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.  

If you want to build a profitable freelance business, you have to be a doer. That instantly differentiates you from 80% of the other wannabe freelancers out there.  

So take action now if you’re serious about growing a business. 

If you’re just flirting with the idea, then I’ll see you when you are serious.

Sign up for Make or break now and in 6 weeks you’ll know whether or not you’re cut out to be a freelance business owner. 

In 6 weeks you could establish a secondary income stream that eventually provides enough money for you to be your own boss.  

In 6 weeks you could become the person who lives the life all of your friends wish they could.  

And it’ll only cost you $10. 

If you want to start your own freelance business and test yourself, act now and sign up for Make or Break today.  

Get your copy of Make or Break now

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee With questions asked

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